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6:24 p.m. - 2018-01-21

Goodbye Cousin
My Cousin G died this morning. Her funeral is Friday.

Making plans to drive 12 hours to her home state, starting Thursday morning.

The last thing my cousin said to me on January 2nd (at the Carolina Beach house) was that we would do this again. Meet up at the beach and watch the sunrise. When I spoke with her brother this morning, he told me G was in a lot of pain. They had to administer morphine. And in the end, she complained of the itching. Family was with her.

I asked if G had even tried juicing. Her brother said that because her liver was failing, it no longer produced the enzymes to get the nutrition out of any foods she consumed.

So Cousin G knew she was going to go. She had only kept up her masqueraded cheer for my sake.

Love you G.

Until we meet again....

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